Monika Ananieva

Junior frontend developer

It is very important to me that the digital spaces we build work for everyone and never leave any user stranded.

How I help customers
One of my main focus areas is accessibility, delivering solutions that are compliant with the latest standards.

I pay a lot of attention to details in my work, finding the little bits needed to create well styled and polished web solutions. I also have the privilege to learn and be a part of a great team that is very goal oriented and always delivers the highest quality solutions in any situation.

Originally I come from Sofia, Bulgaria. I moved to Denmark a few years ago to study, together with my boyfriend. The first couple of years I spent in Odense studying Multimedia Design. After that we decided to move to Aarhus and I completed my education here.

When I am not at work, most of the time you can find me at home - watching horror movies/tv shows, reading horror/fantasy books or playing video games. When I happen to leave the house it would be to go out with my boyfriend and dogs for a walk, on a shopping spree, or to go play board games with my friends - one of my most favorite way to spend my free time. I also love to travel and visit my family who are spread out in different corners around the world.

Umbraco Front-end development and testing/implementing accessibility features

Bachelor in Web Development, Business Academy Aarhus